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Lauren Gugliotta
June 23, 2020

My pup Stella completed the 14-Day On & Off-Leash Residency program back in March 2019. Now over a year later, I'm so happy to say that this training has really stuck with her and improved her daily life. Stella needed some structure and guidance as a puppy and I didn't have enough knowledge or time to do it on my own. With the tools and training Elaine provided, she learned necessary boundaries and behaviors that I could never implement alone. Plus, I can always feel confident and comfortable with Stella off-leash and our everyday on-leash walks are fun for both of us. It's so enjoyable to watch her be such a well-balanced, happy dog. Thank you Elaine!

Cherise Guarino
April 03, 2020

Elaine is an amazing trainer who really understood our puppy Phoebe's needs. During our very first meeting she took a lot of time to gauge all of our personalities to come up with the right formula to make things work. We were amazed at just how much improvement was made in only a few weeks. She equipped us with tools to establish good leadership habits which gave us (especially me) the confidence we needed to create a beautiful bond and established boundaries. Honestly the whole process is incredible and worth every penny. Not only can Phoebe walk on a loose leash around other dogs and big distractions, but we can now take her on hikes while giving her some freedom. Pack walks! We feel well equipped to perpetuate her good behavior and know that Phoebe is a happier puppy as a result! From the bottom of our hearts….thank you Elaine!

Ric Sorbo
March 16, 2020

Putting a man on the moon. The Chicago Cubs winning a World Series. Can't say those were too awfully surprising/unexpected in my lifetime. But having my dog come when called, and heel/ignore other dogs while, those are truly unbelievable. Our terrier is part mule (stubborn) and teenager (independent) and his first five years have been frustrating at times for all of us. I came across Elaine in the neighborhood and went for three sessions with the objectives of recall when called, and disciplined walks. Absolutely amazing - boom, done. I can actually walk my dog off leash in allowed areas and he will respond to my commands! Elaine knows dogs, and humans (because she trains you as well). She is straightforward, businesslike, and a great blend of firmness/sweetness. Interestingly enough, it seems to me that as our stress levels have decreased so has the dog's. We now have a disciplined, happy, relaxed environment. Great value - can't say enough good things about what Elaine has accomplished!

Alice Remedios
June 13, 2020

My husband and I are thrilled with the results from our training sessions. Our 5 month old puppy learned to heel within 20 minutes of our first session! Elaine is an amazing trainer and had great patience for both our dog and for us! We highly recommend Carolina Dog Training!

Lucinda MacKethan
June 04, 2020

My Millie Dog came through her training with flying colors. Training ME was not easy, but I now have much more confidence, I have peace of mind knowing that Millie will be a great companion and I will be a good leader. Elaine is an amazing teacher.

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