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226 E Cedar St, Cary, NC 27511

Luxford Potter
June 16, 2020

We have had Cary Pluming come to our home twice. The first time was in 2015. We had a leak near our meter. Today we thought we had a similar leak. Frankie came out and listened to everything I said and quickly suggested a toilet could be our culprit. He was kind, knowledgeable, professional and HE WAS RIGHT! I am so very grateful to him. You are a good man and I appreciate you! I highly recommend Frankie and Cary Pluming.

Michael Henderson
August 15, 2019

Cary plumbing completely replaced our Quest pipes with Pex throughout the entire upstairs. They also put in all new fixtures, sinks, drains and pipes for our master bathroom remodel. This was a completely new design which entailed removal of all plumbing for the new layout. Mike Tingen with Cary plumbing was the lead plumber from start to finish on the entire project. His attention to detail is phenomenal!!! We will use Cary Plumbing when we remodel the kitchen and Quest pipe replacement downstairs in the 2nd/final phase.

Janet Hall
May 28, 2020

Cary Plumbing Company recently performed three services for me and did an excellent job. Matt, the plumber, was kind, professional and so quick. I was amazed that he replaced laundry faucets and valves to my home in under an hour. He did an excellent job and came very quickly after my desperate call. I would highly recommend their company!!Thank you for your amazing service!

Gregge Efird
March 31, 2020

I have used Cary Plumbing many times and thought of them as a good plumbing company to deal with. I had to use them today because my water heater went bad. They came out quickly. Give them credit for that. I however may not use them again. They quoted me 1500 and change for a new regular water heater replacement. I am pretty sure that is really high. They used to be at least competitive with their pricing. He could or would not tell me how much of that was the water heater and how much was the labor. I asked him to fix something else on a toilet. Simple fix.He proceed to tell me there would be the equivalent to another trip charge to fix the toilet. That added another 116.00 dollar labor/trip charge for just doing a simple fix to a toilet when they were already here charging me 1500 for the water heater installation. That is just like he left and came back for another service call. He then told me the toilet and labor would be just over 200.00. So you would think the total would be just over 1700. When we settled up it was 1921.92 because taxes were added. He did not quote me with taxes or mention taxes would be added when i was talking to him about doing the toilet. I used to really like this company and trusted them. I have often referred people to them. Not sure how their company ;philosophy changed but it seems like it has.

Bill Ferriter
March 15, 2019

Let me start by saying that Cary Plumbing MAY have cleaned up their act, but I am still cleaning up their mistakes. Years ago, these guys repiped my whole house as a part of the class action lawsuit that was going around in the late 1990s. Since then, I have had four different plumbers come to my home to fix plumbing problems. Each time, the plumbers were amazed by what they saw in my walls. Basic plumbing 101 mistakes that the plumbers found hard to believe -- and that ended up costing me thousands in repairs. Most recently: A connection to my washer/dryer that was totally melted because the previous plumber was soldering pipe connections next to plastic. They left the melted connection, covered it up with drywall, and left me to discover it. Then, when I was getting that repaired, the new plumber pointed out several pipes that aren't installed properly. He's surprised they haven't failed already. So should you trust Cary Plumbing? Maybe. Their recent reviews are good and the shoddy work done at my house was done years ago. Maybe those guys who screwed up my house have moved on. All I know is that every time I have a plumber out to my house, they comment on how poorly done the work that they are replacing was originally completed. And I'm up to four different repairs of Cary Plumbing's original work. And all I know is that I won't have them back at my house. ------------------------------------- RESPONSE TO CARY PLUMBING: So, Cary Plumbing: First -- you are right. I didn't reach out to you. Mostly because I knew that any chance of getting you to accept ownership of these errors after 20 years was unlikely. I'm pretty sure most companies wouldn't accept ownership of mistakes after such a long period of time. And that's reasonable. But more importantly, after what I've seen of your work, there's just no way I'm letting you back in my house. Now, check out the picture below. It's of the most recent bit of work that I had to have replaced. It's the water junction box behind my washer that I mention in my original review above. Two things to take note of: First, the top left corner of the box is literally melted. The plumber who fixed the repair says it is likely that happened when your guys were soldering pipes. There are scorch marks on my drywall that would seem to confirm that thinking. Second, notice that your employee fed the water pipes from the top of the box. The faucets were installed upside down. So would you call this best practice? Is that what you mean when you say that you were required to do the work a certain way? Was feeding pipes upside down and melting the box while soldering a part of the requirements? What bugs me all these years later is that just like the other three repairs of your work that I've had to have completed in the last few years (and the two that I still have to have done), your employee covered this work up and moved on -- knowing that the likelihood of me ever finding it was small. As for your current satisfied customers, I'm happy for you. Heck -- you guys could be super plumbers now. And the person(s) responsible for all the poor work done in my house could be long gone from your company. I acknowledge that in my initial review. But every time something fails in my house -- and that's a pretty common occurrence over the last few years -- I'm reminded of the reason that I'll never use you again.

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