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5608 Primavera Ct unit f, Raleigh, NC 27616

Thomas Bitar
January 20, 2020

Glenn and his team did an excellent job installing a new white heavy duty moisture barrier in our crawl space. Our crawl space is now clean and bright...much nicer to go into. I highly recommend them for value, service, and ease of working with!

Mona Hall
March 03, 2020

I’m a real estate agent and structural issues are always something to be aware of. Crawlspace Medic is an amazing company to work with. Highly recommend them!

Vonnie Martin
January 03, 2020

Crawlspace Medic is amazing to work with. I am a Realtor and work with many service providers; they are top notch! Crawlspaces can be one of those things that can kill a real estate transaction, but the free and fast estimates definitely alleviate some of the stress! Special thanks to Glenn.

Joseph H. Rogers
February 17, 2020

Glenn reviewed our crawl space and tested the moisture level in the floor joists. It was 11.2% in February 10th. Glenn explained that would lead him to believe it would be up to around 15 - 16% in the summer months. He recommended installing a drainage and a sump pump to remove standing water from our sloped crawl space. We asked about additional measures we could take. He was up front and said the drainage/ sump may be enough but went over 10 mil poly options that would reduce moisture content even more if we’d like. Having just purchased the home, we wanted a long term permanent solution and opted for the poly in addition to the drainage & sump. The quote was very reasonable and we scheduled the installation. They had a cancellation and were able to schedule us for the same week. Jacob and Junior arrived on Wednesday and finished our crawl space in 3 days. We couldn’t be happier. I popped down to ask questions a few times during the installation over the first two days to learn about the process. Both gents were extremely helpful and stopped what they were doing to answer questions and show the steps. It’s readily apparent they really know and like their products and take great pride in their work. They installed the drainage system and sump pump and were able to tap it into our outside gutter drain line system as requested to take the water away from the house. We also had the 10 mil poly installed, including wrapping the pillars and going up the side walls to about 3 - 5 inches below the sill plate and then attaching aluminum bars and construction adhesive to seal it. I checked the moisture level in the same floor joists this week with a $35 moisture meter I picked up at Lowes. It was already down 1% from the reading when originally tested last week. Well done! We’d HIGHLY recommend Crawlspace Medic!!!

Ashley Willard
September 10, 2019

Awesome! Super happy with them. After the initial consultation where they advised on what was needed to fix a flooding issue, they were able to come back within a week to do the work. When they got in there they realized that they didn't need to replace all of the vapor barrier, which they promptly told me so that they could save me a little money. Much appreciated. Very friendly and capable folks, highly recommended.

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