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Econo Auto Sales inc

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1634 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Ray Buyco
April 10, 2017

Great service! Jeremy followed up on all my questions. I bought a very rare 2008 Dodge Magnum R/T (red badge) from this dealer. I got a good deal. The car was not perfect, but it was in good overall shape. It had a bit of a computer issue that I had to fix. The passenger side front headlight assembly was badly cracked, but a replacement is nowhere to be found at this moment, so I taped it together. The previous owner put some odd looking wheels on it with the wrong size tires, so after having a specialist remove the locked wheels (no key was found) I promptly installed a set of used stock wheels for the car with the proper size tires. After investing a little bit of money, I believe this car is a good four, four and a half, out of five. The engine and transmission as is to be expected from a car with 42,000 miles on it, in excellent running order. I am very happy with this purchase.

Rebecca Anderson
March 20, 2019

Great place!! Very good cars and wonderful service!! They treat you like family :)

James Poh
June 10, 2019

Hands down the nicest people to walk you through the car buying process. Brandon and Michelle made this process for me so simple and easy and walked me through each step. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision and sold me a great vehicle. They worked hard to get me the best rates possible, they followed up with me to make sure I was happy with my new vehicle and were just all around great people. Econo will be my recommendation to anyone looking for a dependable ride. Nothing negative to say about this place or these people at all.

Vas Everett
September 25, 2019

I am not usually interested at participating in reporting reviews; however, the experience at Econo Auto Sales, Raleigh NC is worth the rating! I got the car I wanted for a reasonable price and guaranteed warranty...Quick, easy, informative, patient and very friendly service! I absolutely would refer family/friends/other car seekers to DARIELA :) & THANKS to Michelle ...she’s awesome!!

Bridget Bowman
February 01, 2020

I was hesitant at first when I saw the cars. I went by there and inquired about the Kia Sorento and the salesman Greg was AWESOME. He made everything go smoothly and easy without any problems. I'm use to being at car lots all day but not here at this place. Greg was very friendly and made my experience quickly as well. I am enjoying my new Kia Sorento. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends. Thanks again!!

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