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107 Edinburgh S Dr Suite 215, Cary, NC 27511

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Service: Functional medicine, including anti-aging therapies and medical weight loss programs.

InShape Medical

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107 Edinburgh S Dr Suite 215, Cary, NC 27511

Zheng Zhang
July 02, 2020

So I had a Fractora treatment back to January 22, 2020. I asked the nurse regarding how long the needle is and she said that she did not know. How could be reasonable that a professional medical spa provider (which I think should be professional and knowledgeable if you work in a medical spa) did not know how long the needle is for Fractora equipmment. She is not professional in my opinion. Besides, after 5 months, the pink on my forehead remains (though very light) and does not go away. I went to Aesthetics by Elieen, my treatment nurse said they are likely scars. This is because too much force were put on my forehead when I got the Fractora treatment. I did ask if more Fractora power can be added on my face so that the treatment is more effective, but I never want to leave scars on my face. I would not deny that the my treatment nurse back to Jan. 22, she is friendly (which origins from business profit purpose), but she is not knowledgeable as well. With such a bad experience, $750 for Fractora is not worth for spending at this place. Your employee must have been trained very well so that she can give Fractora treatments without knowing much regarding how to use this machine for treating patients. I gave a 2 star review because I feel the treatment has some usefulness and my treatment provider is ok in terms of the attitude, but the light scars left on my face are something that I believe nobody wants.

Denise Judd
June 17, 2020

Excellent customer service and every time I come I feel like family

Shari Townsend
January 13, 2020

I absolutely love this business and what this team does to help people with their health and fitness! Michelle and Denny and Crystal have become my family.... no kidding. If weight loss and looking and feeling great is your goal, this is the place to be. I get all of my peels and microdermabrasion abrasions here. I swear I look 10 years younger and feel better than I have in years. Go see these folks and let them help!

Tom Pezdek
July 15, 2019

I'm a 66 yo male and I get testosterone pellets semiannual at In Shape Medical. This makes a huge difference in my quality of life. Last night I had pellets placed and it was the most comfortable placement I have ever had. The owners, the PA and the staff are all great. In Shape Medical is the third place I have gone for Hormone Replacement and by far the best.

Adele Waring
October 29, 2019

InShape Medical staff is exceptionally knowledgeable plus they offer so much more than just weight loss! They are all about getting and maintaining your best health and assisting you with feeling good about yourself inside and outside. April is absolutely the best esthetician I have ever been lucky enough to help me with my skin, and Christine is extremely knowledgeable in advising her patient (s) on how to get healthy at any age. My hormones were so off before I was under her care that I was in pain with arthritis. Now, only a month of following her advice, I feel healthy again. April did a dermabrasion treatment which made my skin look and feel years younger. Lab technicians and staff are all warm and set a relaxed tone to my experience.

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