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McCoppin & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.A.

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1250 SE Maynard Rd suite 202, Cary, NC 27511

Iman Ziboukh
May 21, 2020

I called Mr. McCoppin after office hours and left a voicemail to speak to him directly. I received a call the next morning and was very surprised by how willing he was to answer questions and led me in the right direction regarding the questions and concerns i had. I spoke with quite a few different lawyers before finding his office, and the good reviews written about them did not match the service i got on the phone. I was pleasantly surprised with Mr. McCoppin’s professionalism and understanding. He was so helpful with all of the questions I had and had no problem taking the time to listen to everything I had to say. 10/10 will always be going back to him for any legal needs :)

Ryan Given
February 17, 2020

Andrew McCoppin worked with me on a pretty bad traffic ticket that I received the day I picked up my wife’s car. I typically drive a big old truck and wasn’t used to the smooth ride of my wife’s new car and just simply didn’t know how fast I was going. Andrew helped me keep my license and drastically reduce the ticket and court costs from what they would have been if I had attempted to handle it on my own. I highly recommend Attorney Andrew McCoppin.

Victor Minin
December 18, 2019

I can't recommend McCoppin enough, working with him was quick and easy. The result of my case was literally the best case scenario, he really saved me and he can save you too!

Jose Garcia
February 09, 2020

I was rear ended back in Nov of 2016. I came here based on reviews. I hired Willimena and kept in contact for a while. After a month of no contact with Willimena I decided to go in person. I had found out that she no longer worked there. My case was then transferred over to Lorena Sanchez. Soooooo many promises were made by her. She assured me that she would be in contact with the other party's insurance company and that the case would move forward. This is a year after accident. After a while again I decided to take a day off work to figure out what is going on. Lorena wasnt available due to a conference call or something so I waited an hour or so and had to leave since she obviously was busy. After a weekend trip I decided to stop by again and was able to catch her. She said the same thing that she was waiting on the insurance and that I needed to fill out forms that I had filled out previously. She assured me that in 2 weeks time we would have an offer and that she would contact me. A couple months go by and I hadn't heard from her. At this point I'm leaving her an email (10/22/18) and several messages with her assistants but still nothing. By this time were are going on 2 years since the incident happened and we are no where. I decided I needed to stop by again and discuss this issue in person. I waited an hour since they opened to speak with Lorena but she was running late that morning. Same run around was given to me about them going back and forth with the insurance but this couldn't be addressed in a simple phone call or email? At this point my patience had run out and I decided I had enough. I took the day off each time to meet with her (they are closed on weekends) to get the same thing with no answer as to why things were taking so long. Unfortunately the final time I met with Lorena I had fired her and the firm because this was ridiculous. She obviously had no intentions to take care of my case. I hired another firm which handled the case in less than 5 months time. I do not recommend this place since they couldn't communicate with me or handle a simple case that was an easy win. (Other driver failed to stop and caused over $2k in damages to my vehicle)

Angela Griffis
August 16, 2019

I had a grateful experience with Mr. McCoppin when one day, a couple of weeks ago, I called his office only to ask him a question and he went over and beyond his call of duty as an Attorney, but rather out of PURE kindness to help me and found me MY answer. This man didn't know me from Adam & Eve, a pure stranger I was, but not anymore...and especially for that, I'm so grateful! Prayerfully not, but if I ever need an attorney who really cares, I already know who I'll be calling on! *DISMISSED! Thanks again, sir!

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