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120 Centrewest Ct Suite 108, Cary, NC 27513

Nelson K. Chan
August 13, 2020

I have a lot of great things to say about Chris. I will list a few that stood out during my interactions with him that I typically do not see from other businesses. Chris did an EXCELLENT job with the interior and exterior detailing. I care deeply about my vehicle (2006 Jeep Wrangler), and it is rare for me to say that his work exceeded my expectations. Chris was honest, transparent, friendly, and patient with me. I asked a lot of questions, and he took the time to address each one with me. I quickly sensed that he was knowledgeable and not only that but also he was eager to share his knowledge and experience with me. I could tell he enjoys what he does and takes pride in what he does. He treated my vehicle as if it was his own. It is hard to find someone so detail-oriented and actually cares about the vehicle he works on. I was not just a number to him. I will use Chris again in the future, and I recommend Chris to anyone who has not yet tried him.

January 25, 2020

If you're reading these reviews, you're probably looking for professional detailing or paint correction work. You'll probably also notice a theme - clients who have had their expectations exceeded... Add me to that list because I can't say enough positive things about the paint correction Chris performed on my new car. New car? Yes brand new car...Many people think a new car needs nothing and should be good to go straight off the lot. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my case, the dealership had "washed" the vehicle plenty of times either using an improper method with dirty rags or I couldn't even guess what they used based on how bad the spider webbing and marring was. Needless to say, I couldn't start life with my new ride like that, so I contacted Chris with Nth Degree. Chris was very honest about what he thought was needed and I could see he was passionate about the work, so I scheduled an appointment. Today I picked up the vehicle and you can probably read the newspaper off of the paint's reflection. All the swirls, spiderwebs, marring - gone. I was expecting to have to wax the car when I got home and clean the wheels too since I only asked for a paint correction. Chris took care of that and more. I could go on and on about how thrilled I am, but pictures speak for themselves. Do you and your vehicle a favor if you are thinking of getting this type of work done around the triangle - take it to Chris and Nth Degree. He has the knowledge, skill and passion to turn sad paint into a mirror - even on a new car.

Joseph Moreschi
May 21, 2020

After the initial meeting with Chris to discuss detailing my vehicle, it was very obvious he was the right person to meet my high expectations. I was not looking for someone to just wash and wax my vehicle. Instead, I was looking for a detailed-oriented, result driven professional providing professional auto detailing services. Chris' incredibly strong drive to produce high quality results first and foremost set him apart from the herd. His industry knowledge of products and meticulous techniques drive his results to the pinnacle level. I am highly satisfied with the quality of the result and service my vehicle received from Chris. So if you have a favorite vehicle you want to have professionally detailed, then Chris is your guy. Very highly recommend. I plan on going back for future professional detailing needs for my vehicles.

Joshua Hash
August 24, 2020

I've known Chris for years now as I used to have my own Professional Auto Detailing Business here within the Triangle Area. I reached out to Chris numerous times when I was in business for help or advice and he always answered my calls and provided help and his knowledge. I was lucky enough to work on numerous projects together in collaboration with Chris and have learned so many new things by doing so. Chris is a rare individual in today's crazy world who works around the clock to provide the best service and the best results he possibly can. Take it from another retired Detailer here in the Triangle will not be disappointed using Chris and his Luxury Car Detailing Services. I ultimately sent all of my previous clients to Chris when I closed my business back in 2018 knowing they were in good hands. I also now use Chris for my own personal vehicles. Chris is super old school in the fact that he truly wants to be the best Detailer, works hard every day, provides great customer service, and his detailing skills are amazing. Thanks for taking care of my previous clients Chris. I know they are in good hands!

Ken Yu
November 09, 2019

Highly recommended and I trust no one else to touch any of my vehicles except for Nth Degree Auto Detailing, LLC. I currently own a black 2017 Chevrolet Silverado LT crew cab 4X4 as my daily driver with 32K mileage. Paint looked great when I bought it from the dealer a few months ago up until I ran it through a touchless car wash a couple times. Evidently, it stripped off quite a bit of wax that the dealer used and revealed disturbing swirl marks and scratches all over. I was very disappointed because of the blemishes considering the price I paid for the vehicle. I initially went with a detail shop in Apex for a so-called paint correction and ceramic coating. It was a huge mistake. They did a terrible job. It turned out looking hazy like it had holograms all over the clear coat and the actual coating covered maybe half of the paint surfaces if even that. Service was terrible and I had to fight with the owner to repair the damage they did. I was furious indeed. The owner was very rude and confrontational and I was an extremely dissatisfied customer. Contacted a few other detailers. Spoke with Chris and found that he is not only very professional but he has exceptional knowledge and experience with regards to auto detailing. Chris performed a true paint correction and ceramic coating which far exceeded my expectations. The results are absolutely stunning to the point where my co-workers and friends are left speechless. I don't even know how else to describe it but my clear coat looks like glass. I have been in contact with Chris on a regular basis for his expertise and advice. Excellent communication. He treats my vehicle as if he owned it. I brought my truck to him this afternoon for what he calls a maintenance wash. However, in my most honest opinion, I personally would classify it more as a fine exterior detail. Again, highly recommended and thank you again Chris for the excellent 5-star service!

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