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Pupsi Inc.

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8260 Chapel Hill Rd, Cary, NC 27513

Victoria Dorr
August 27, 2020

Chewy absolutely loves this place. As soon as he sees where we are he starts jumping up and down with excitement. After hanging out and playing all day, he will sleep for a solid 18-24 hours. Nothing like a happy, tired pup!

Mike Finn
November 27, 2018

Wonderful pet services! Been taking my pups here for almost a year and they love it. Convenient drop off and pick up times. The cuts always look great and the stinky nuggets always leave smelling great! Highly recommended for all your pet services and needs!

Howard Wynn
April 22, 2020

I am so pleased with the services I received at this wonderful establishment. Service was great nice clean friendly inside and out. Thank you for a great job. And kudos to management and staff. Thanks to you, my poodle Max looks, smiles, and acts very happy

olivia sasser
May 16, 2020

I feel so comfortable dropping my 2 pit bulls off here and knowing they are in good hands. The staff is knowledgeable and the facility is well kept. We have found our daycare/boarding home!

Lu Lan
August 20, 2018

I have no idea how this place got such a great review...We took out malamute here for a week long boarding while we went to the beach; thinking he would be better off here than at the hot beach. We were fine with the weird requirements of only being able to pick him up after 4, or the high price we payed for that week long stay. All of which we can justify for the health and comfort of our dog. When my wife picked him up, he was soaking wet, smelled like he's been rolling in a dumpster, and worst of all his long fur was all tangled up in knots. When I ran my hand down his back, his entire body was covered in painful knot. How do I know it was painful? He tried to chew the area he can reach that's covered in knots until it's blood red, and I don't just mean in color. I can see trace blood on his fur. You DO NOT wet a long fur dog and not dry them right after. You especially do not let them get to the point of so much pain that they rather chew their skin. I have no idea what in the world they think they were doing or how they managed to stay in business. When my wife picked him up and asked why he was soak, they shrug it off as they were trying to keep him cool. Which is great had they kept him from self harm. The other thing was his collar was rusted over. This suggest he was kept wet the entire week we had him boarded. At this point, it's past the line of negligence and into animal abuse. I highly suggest people look elsewhere for their dog boarding if they care at all about their pets. I've attached pic of our dog before he went in and when we got him. Edit: in response to the owner. As you mentioned, when he stayed during the winter, he didn't get wet. Therefore, we were expecting the same for the summer, as the "contract" were signed over 6 months ago, you'd think a gentle reminder would be in order. In the end, I accept the fact that we didn't remember the entire "contract" to the letter. However, I can assure you the matting was anything but "light". The fact that he was in so much pain that he was chewing himself until he bleed speaks to a pretty severe matting. While I appreciate the "complementary" blow drying at the end, you or your staff didn't find the need to even tell us when we called to check up on him? Also, your default care is to let long hair animal get wet, knowing they will get knots and be in pain? This makes no sense to me. In the end, it comes down to the fact that our dog was in pain for a week. There is no way we could/would take him back to you guys.

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