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150 Fayetteville St #930, Raleigh, NC 27601

Vera Awesome
September 10, 2020

Jessica Arnold of Tarlton Polk is an amazing lawyer and an intellectual powerhouse. Me and my partner sought out her legal services because we were living out of a hotel after being constantly harassed by our neighbor while the landlord looked the other way. We felt hopeless in getting a 50-C no contact order on our own. Before our initial meeting with Jessica Arnold, we were scared, stressed, and sleep deprived. At the consultation, we blurted out all of the different events in a random order. She made sense of everything we shared and put together an extremely organized timeline to use for our statement. She thoroughly explained the process on how to get a 50-C no-contact order and what to expect. Since we didn't know our neighbor's full name, she was able to get that information at lightning speed. Our neighbor retaliated against us filing against him by filing his own 50-C against us. His 50-C was full of lies and false accusations about us threatening his life. Jessica Arnold was supportive and helpful every step of the way. She assured us he didn't have a case against us, and most importantly, explained her strategy on how she would prove it at the hearing in great detail, giving us a lot of peace of mind. Before our court date, Jessica Arnold sat down with us to go over all the evidence of harassment we had collected with a fine-tooth comb so that we would be fully prepared for court. She was able to take the little amount of evidence we had and turn it into very useful information. Thanks to her persistence, she was able to successfully negotiate a deal with our neighbor's lawyer. The neighbor agreed to drop his case against us and voluntarily sign our 50-C order before we made it to court. What a huge win and the best outcome we could have imagined! Thank you, Jessica Arnold!

Melissa Singh
July 16, 2020

My family hired Brad Polk to represent me in a probation violation case from out of state. Brad was a terrific lawyer. He was responsive to my family’s phone calls and gave them updates about me. He also was very well prepared for court. He listened to me and asked lots of questions. I swear I could see him thinking and putting things together as I spoke. My case was dismissed and I went home. Brad and his team followed up with me days later. It was a great experience. I got into this mess because other lawyers didn’t want to take time to defend me they only spoke about deals, and took my money. Brad wasn’t like that. I should have hired him from the beginning, Lord only knows I lost and spent much more money taking a deal than I did hiring a good competent lawyer.

Catherine Clark
July 24, 2020

Brad has provided excellent counsel with amazing results for the guys in the Young Adult Men’s Program. He is very compassionate as he advocates and directs young men who find themselves in difficult situations. He has an in-depth knowledge of criminal law that makes him THE attorney to hire. He is assertive and respected by judges and prosecutors for his trial strategies and negotiation skills. I highly recommend attorney Polk. Thanks for all your support, Brad Polk!

Jabriel Abdelaziz
June 25, 2020

Raymond Tarlton is an amazing attorney. He was professional and very accommodating. I was always able to reach him for any questions I had, unlike other attorneys who take days to respond. He’s confident in his knowledge of the law, not to mention he won us the case! I can’t thank him enough and would easily recommend him to anyone with a legal matter. Thanks again Raymond!

Aaron Newton
July 07, 2020

I came to Brad in relation to a crime that I did not commit. I was afraid and was not sure what the outcome would be. The accusation involved the testimony of police officers, but Brad was willing to take things to trial. Luckily the case was dismissed prior to even going to court. Brad was professional as well as practical. People say never trust a lawyer, but that's not true. I highly recommend this law firm.

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