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The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC

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2401 Weston Pkwy #101, Cary, NC 27513

Anthony Pollachioli
May 06, 2020

Jennifer Popa is an absolutely wonderful paralegal and the law office of Wiley Nickel is very lucky to have her. Through my communications with the office she was always extremely polite, professional and responsive. She made a process that is usually very stressful, a pleasurable experience. This is a testament to the fact that a great paralegal is just as important as a great lawyer!

Pinky Slade
February 19, 2020

I have been with Wiley Nickel for one year. I was having a rough time with the attorney I was having. She seem very rude like she had no time for customer, Like I was bothering her or something. Then some reason they switched me to attorney Melissa. She is the best, Very patient, understanding. Willing to help. She has got my charges dismiss me back to living happily with my family. I would recommend this office but prefer Melissa haha to anyone in need. Thank you The law office Wiley Nickel.

Tielor Robinson
March 14, 2019

From start to finish, The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel was great. Melissa and Emily were both very clear and understanding in explaining my options. Once we were all set, they were very communicative on the outcomes of continuances and reminders to court dates. Kristi was great and prompt in her arrivals to the courtroom I was assigned to as well as explaining everything that was going on. Ultimately, my case was rightfully dismissed thanks to her due diligence! I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of my experience with this firm and would not hesitate to recommend them

Jackson William
January 30, 2020

Lawyer didn’t seemed like I was bothering here even though im a paying customer along with that I feel like she gave me the worst deal possibly. Learned my lesson big time

Erik Zmuidins
November 06, 2019

Couple years ago I had to reinstate my license from an unpaid parking ticket. They got my license reinstated but failed to inform me to pay a $65 fee to reinstate my license through the NC DMV. Thus 2 years later when I want to get a new License, im not able to because of this little fee. Yes I can fix this on my own now, but wasting a day at the dmv couldve easily been avoided. Saw on google they specialized in helping with speeding tickets and such. I would think twice on using this office.

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