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4030 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609

Gretchen Hardage
May 05, 2020

If I could give Mr. Wooten 10 + , I would. He deserves the highest ratings possible for his expertise, his professionalism, his ability to see the big picture and to analyze the smallest detail. In 2004, my then fiancé went to Mr. Wooten (at the recommendation of several friends who were attorneys) to have him set up a Trust of which I would be the primary beneficiary. We were married in 2006, but my husband died suddenly in 2009, thus activating the Trust. Once the estate was settled, Mr. Wooten was no longer involved as the Trustee took over. In 2019, some changes in circumstances occurred that left me feeling financially vulnerable, enough so that I decided to see the person with whom the Trust had originated, Louis Wooten.Meeting with him in person is exactly what I needed to do. I am a widow in my mid 70’s who had never (that I remember), met with an attorney alone, and I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous. I had no reason to be apprehensive. Mr. Wooten was as personable and down to earth as anyone could be, yet I knew instantly he knew what he was talking about and that he had a brilliant mind. I never felt uncomfortable or that I was asking an unreasonable question. He immediately interpreted a clause in the Trust which was to my benefit. I would never have known about particular issue had I not decided to see him. The matter has been resolved without any issues or animosity from anyone involved.What Mr. Wooten did for me has enabled me to sleep at night, as trite as that sounds. I would recommend him without hesitation, and although the matter has been resolved, I would not think twice about seeking his help again if I need to. He deserves every accolade he receives. I am so grateful for his knowledge, but also for his interest in helping me and his kindness . Thank you, Louis!

Darrell Barr
July 14, 2019

I have had excellent results using Louis Wooten to help resolve a complex tax matter with related state and federal components. He provides sound advice and is respectful of client cost in terms of when and how to deploy his services. In other words, while charging a substantial market rate per hour, Louis is conscious of the balance between the estimated tax burden and the cost of his services. In order to help keep a fair balance for my situation, he made appropriate suggestions for me to take certain actions that I could/should take without "adding on" extra billings for legal fees that would be unnecessary. Louis proved himself trustworthy, fair and wise then it came to dealing with the dynamics regarding state and federal governments. He provides thoughtful, knowledgeable feedback and advice. I would use him again without hesitation (although it is my hope to never have that need again!). Although it took some time to navigate the situation and wait for government bureaucracy to play out, I had a very favorable outcome with the the IRS and the NC DOR. I highly recommend Louis Wooten for addressing any state or federal tax situation that you may have!

Dave Fleming
July 15, 2019

Louis Wooten does an excellent job advising us on our estate planning and preparing all associated documents. He's a very good lawyer and an enjoyable person with whom to work. I work with attorneys all the time in my business and I know the various levels of legal service that can be provided. The Wooten Firm is at that highest level.

Kevin Smith
May 15, 2018

I can’t adequately express our gratitude for Mr. Wooten’s perseverance, patience, and exceptional results. Our tax dilemma began after declaring corporate and personal bankruptcy more than 20-years ago. Tax liabilities accrued in the years that followed. We retained a local tax firm for a solution to the burden. They cashed the large check but did nothing more than file a Power of Attorney and occasionally return a phone call. We changed firms and wrote another large check with the same outcome. The 2008 recession stripped us of home equity that would have resolved the debt. We moved to North Carolina with limited assets and the IRS in tow. We spoke with another tax attorney who cited many complexities and therefor no interest in taking on our case. The IRS communications escalated. Bank accounts levied and wages garnished. Knowing we couldn’t manage such an onerous liability we had to retain a tax attorney. Increased due diligence while vetting law firms was paramount. It was an arduous task as many firms wouldn’t even respond to our inquiry. Louis Wooten did respond. Our initial consultation with Louis was a refreshing experience. Facing unmanageable circumstances with the IRS we retained The Wooten Law Firm. The IRS collection efforts were swiftly put on hold, and the letters stopped. Louis quickly elevated our confidence with timely filings, conscientious and persistent updates. We were always in-the-know. Louis equipped us to make well-informed decisions identifying IRS action items and procedures that only come with Louis’ years of hands-on labor. What followed exceeded our expectations. Louis exhibited an extraordinary ability to navigate the many IRS offices that had persuasion in our case. Facing agents that exhibited apathy or even worse, Louis kept the case moving forward without losing any ground he gained or straining agents assigned to our case. He achieved more than expected through an absolute knowledge of tax law. Louis was professional, tenacious, personable, and honorable. In summation, we got much more than expected. The Return on Investment was enormous. Settling 9 unpaid tax years, we now have a total reset for our lives. We highly recommend The Wooten Law Firm for cases requiring an accomplished, trusted tax attorney. Louis, I admire your exemplary ethics, knowledge of tax law, and interpersonal skills. Your firm profoundly impacted our lives! Thank you so very much, Louis. Kevin & Jill

Lina Lee
August 03, 2017

Louis Wooten handled my case very quickly and effectively. I only wish I had contacted him before my accounts were levied. I was pleasantly surprised that my issue was resolved as quickly as it was. Louis was able to do everything remotely for me, including all correspondence, since I do not live in NC. My only wish list item is that he would accept online payment. I hope to never require his services again, but I would definitely hire him again if I had a tax problem.

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